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” Books don’t count as friends.”

-The one that didn’t read a book since high school

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This will be the first of many blog posts on this website. I’m gonna take this post to give you guys the quick rundown on what this website is about and what to expect from this platform. But to start things off, I want to thank all of you who purchased my first ever published book Raw Kingdom: Prelude and the first installment, Buried In The Dust. If you haven’t done so, you can do it here: https://www.amazon.ca/Raw-Kingdom-Prelude-Y-Daher-ebook/dp/B08BF4NL2B

This website was made to help you guys, the fellow Daherians to have a space where we can discuss my series and get to be up to date about my future installments. Also, you can check out my blog page and subscribe to get all the latest news right in your inbox. Hope this post got you guys excited about discovering the world I’m building with this series and more. Also don’t forget to follow me on my profiles for some more fun content.

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Hey Daherians!

Thanks to some good friends in the indie book industry, The first installment of the Raw Kingdom series has been featured have been featured in a multitude of websites including Yahoo! https://www.yahoo.com/news/coming-age-story-raw-kingdom-083320878.html

Once again, I am incredibly grateful for all your support as it keeps pushing me to become a better writer. If you enjoyed my work then don’t forget to leave a review as it helps immensely.

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What is there to know about Djadzele, the most mysterious nation on earth? What makes it so hostile, that many choose not to venture? Surely, a volume of historical texts hold the answers. But what if it those answers can be resumed in a simple text, a letter. Who’s author is no scholar or reputed person, but one who only seeks to teach to those whom he seeks to teach.

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Flag for thought

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In a couple of days, it will a month since I republished the first installment of my series Raw Kingdom. Since then, alot of you have picked up the book and I’m very thankful for your support. As a new author, it is very important for me to know how I can improve and grow in the profession, and there is no better feedback than reviews. So if you’ve finished the book I will kindly ask that you leave a review wherever you have found my book, and no sugar coating! And the first 12 to submit their review will a hand sized flag of Djadzele coupled with a letter teasing the second installment of the series. So get reviewing!

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Let me know your thoughts

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This post is dedicated to everyone who took part in the Young Adult giveaway from BookFunnel. I just want to thank you all for choosing my book for your reading pleasure. I’m assuming by now that most of you have already completed or are finishing up. If that’s the case, then I would love to know what you thought about Raw Kingdom: Buried in the Dust. As a new author, I’m craving to improve and polish my skills, so do not hold back with your reviews! If you submit your review by August 14th, 2020, those of you who opted to give their emails will receive a special e-booklet teasing the second installment of the series!

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Promotions, Promotions, Promotions!!!

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If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I have a soft spot for YA and African fiction stories. And that’s because, as a young African adult myself, these two genres are what I relate to the most and can feel that I’m a part of the story as one of the characters. But of course, I’m not the only one who is writing in these categories. And with that being said, I have teamed up with fellow authors in my genres and have launched a YA promotion on BookFunnel running throughout the whole month of August. So if you’re looking for a new YA book with a diverse lead, Go ahead and check it out:

Clean Young Adult Novels:


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The eagle has dropped!

No not that kind of eagle (Canadian jokes). We are the 28th of July today! Or the 29th depending on where you are. This post is to announce that my revamped book is now available on most major ebook retailers including Amazon and Kobo. Today also marks the end of pre-order period for those retailers. However, you can still pre-order my book through Smashwords where you can purchase it at your own price! Meaning, you can pre-order it at whatever price you wish. But you have until tomorrow to do it so make you pre-order here:https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1034314

Have you already bought the book? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Pre-order 2.0

Hey World,

I have been teasing my upcoming revamped book, “Buried in the Dust for the past month. A couple of days ago, I have revealed the official cover of my revamped book and details on its release date. Well, now it’s here. Or in five days at the time of this writing. What I mean is that you can now pre-order my book, at your own price. What, you didn’t understand that last part. Ok then, I’ll say it again; you can pre-order at your own price. But why? Well, in short, I want to do an experiment. Usually authors base their price on what they think their work is worth. But a lot of them (guilty) are left disappointed when consumers don’t share their point of view aka their not buying their books. So I decided to try something recommended by one my favorite ebook distributors, Smashwords. So, for the duration of the pre-order (until July 29th), customers will be able to buy my book for any price they wish (even for free) while those who purchase it at launch day and later will pay 4.99 USD. That’s an extra day to purchase my book at your price. So if you want to take advantage of this exclusive offer, you can do so clicking the link below.


Top five African Fiction stories

Hey world,

As you would know by now I’m an indie author currently working on the “Raw Kingdom” series. A series that is targeted for young adults and fans of African fiction. This series was spurred from my love of the two genres which I have read a LOT from. I have already done a top five YA books on Africa which you can check here: https://dahersworld.com/?p=235

With that being said, here is my top five list of my favorite African fiction stories. DISCLAIMER: I don’t think it needs to be said, but for the sake of clarity, this post is solely MY opinion, but feel free to sound off your list in the comments. Also, I haven’t read all the books mentioned here and am basing my judgment on the plot premise.

5. Panther’s Quest by Don McGregor

BUt CoMic BoOks aRe nOT rEal bOokS. Yes. Yes, they are. And also, I said stories, not books so let’s get that cleared up. I’m a huge fan of the Black Panther comics especially as a diasporic African, it was much-needed representation. If you were to ask me about my favorite BP series, I would say the 90s run from Christopher Priest in a heartbeat. But this isn’t a top-five series list, is it? My favorite Black Panther story is hands down Panther’s Quest by Don McGregor. This is one of those stories where it’s just about the main character dealing with his sole issues. No side stories, no future plot teasers just the tour de force journey of a son trying to find his mother.

4. Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Although I haven’t read this book. Its premise is far too interesting to ignore. The story of two half-sisters in 18th century Ghana, chronicling their lives as one is living comfortably in the palatial rooms of Cape Coast castle while the other as been sold off in the booming slave trade. A page-turner indeed.

3. Say you’re one of them by Uwem Akpan

If there is one thing you should know about me, is that I’m a sucker for short stories (My first book is one). And this collection of short stories by Uwem Akpan is sure to please any fan of short but impactful storytelling. Narrated by a young girl who is to witness the horrors of tribal conflicts in her home country of Rwanda. This collection will take the reader throughout the continent detailing, the strife of children caught in social dismay.

2. The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma

This story from Nigerian author Chigozie will leave you wondering what have you just read, in the best way possible. Four brothers having to deal with tragic events that follow after a madman claims that the eldest is to be slain by his own brethren is a pulse-pounding page-turner.

  1. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

How could you have a list of African fiction without mentioning Chinua Achebe. I could’ve made this list entirely from his work but I had to be diverse. Things fall apart is a classic detailing the journey of a “strongman” leader who is gripped by fear and anger. It is the special writing style and insight on the human qualities shared by all that makes this book ever relevant and worth a significant spot one’s bookshelf.

And that’s my top five African fiction stories. Let me know yours in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@daherpublications) for a chance at becoming a part of my launch team for my upcoming re release of Raw Kingdom: Buried in the Dust.

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Prelude, definitive edition!

Hey world,

In my latest post I have announced that I pulled the first book of my Raw Kingdom series for revision purposes. If you want more details on that matter than you can check out that blog post in my home page. But as the title suggests, this is not about this first book but with the Prelude. When I was thinking about the changes of plot points in my first book, I couldn’t stop thinking about the plot points from the prelude. As I wanted to add more to the first more book in terms of backstory, character development and aesthetics, I was compelled to revisit the prelude. Although I had no plan of bringing a similar overhaul as the first book, It was apparent that more content was to be added in terms of story context. Meaning that more background will be added concerning Khadir and his life before his coming of age journey to his home country of Djadzele. With that being said, I’ve decided to launch a definitive edition of Raw Kingdom Prelude. But in the traditional manner. Since the changes are not major (2 and a half pages of extra content). I will instead simply update my manuscript. The cover and description will remain unchanged but readers will get a deeper look into the psyche of the characters and be able to comprehend their aspirations and motivations better. For those of you who already purchased a copy, no worries. You can get the definitive edition for FREE provided you subscribe to my newsletter (also free) and provide proof of purchase before June 25th.

And once you digest this revamped appetiser, you will be glad to know that the first entree of the main course is coming July 18th! Pre-orders will be accessible a week before launch. See you there!

Raw Kingdom is a young adult coming of age story detailing the journey of Khadir Daher as he tries to find himself in the world’s most mysterious and hostile nation: the African nation of Djadzele.