Author: zipfish


What is there to know about Djadzele, the most mysterious nation on earth? What makes it so hostile, that many choose not to venture? Surely, a volume of historical texts hold the answers. But what if it those answers can be resumed in a simple text, a letter. Who’s author is no scholar or reputed person, but one who only seeks to teach to those whom he seeks to teach.

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Flag for thought

Hey world,

In a couple of days, it will a month since I republished the first installment of my series Raw Kingdom. Since then, alot of you have picked up the book and I’m very thankful for your support. As a new author, it is very important for me to know how I can improve and grow in the profession, and there is no better feedback than reviews. So if you’ve finished the book I will kindly ask that you leave a review wherever you have found my book, and no sugar coating! And the first 12 to submit their review will a hand sized flag of Djadzele coupled with a letter teasing the second installment of the series. So get reviewing!

Until next time,