Did someone say, EARLY ACCESS?!

Hello world,

Yesterday, I announced the official release date for Raw Kingdom: Written in the Sand. But who said you have to wait until then to know what awaits our brave but naive protagonist? Oh right… But that was in the past, kinda. But, if you are the impatient type (no judgement) then you can read the first issue right now. Yes, you read that correctly, right now, for almost half the price! I’m not capping you capping (youth lingo). Click this link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/presale/1026062 and get the e-book version for almost half off.

Just like that Y? You are seriously giving us your brand new book for almost nothing?

Yeah, *almost* nothing. I probably should’ve mentioned this at the top. While anyone that stumbles upon my Smashwords page gets access to the presale, only those subscribed to my newsletter get the discount. Because my subscribers are from the Daher tribe, and I take care of my tribe. If you want to be taken care of, subscribe and enjoy Khadir’s journey early. Because I know he won’t!

PS: To enjoy Khadir’s journey so far , you must know how it started. And you can do just that by picking up Raw Kingdom: Prelude for just 1$!


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