Daher Publications: Origins

Hey world,

For those who have already read my book or perhaps are in the process of reading it, then you will surely be aware that the book and upcoming ones are copyrighted by Daher Publications. As you have guessed, I am indeed self-publishing my works and my reasons are simply for the sake of creative and monetary freedom. Because if I’ve learned anything from other new writers is that publishing houses, big or small can be particularly, how do I put it, predatory towards new writers and first time authors. And I’m not saying that’s the experience for every new author but publishers often see authors, particularly new ones as commodities. And commodities are often disposed of. I write stories out of passion, and I feel like working with a traditional publisher would quickly turn into a chore and thus, drain the passion from the stories.

This reasoning may seem dramatical to some, but it was the amount of control that swayed me to go my own way. I think most of us can agree that we do our best work when we have the most contro on how it is done. Now I’m NOT saying that self-publishing is the definitive way to go and that it has no drawbacks. It would’ve been much appreciated if I had a reputable agency or house do all the marketing, editing, design and prep while I just hand over my manuscript. But you can’t never have it all. So if you were to ask for my advice, it would be to choose the way that does not deprive you of your creativity whilst being efficient at what you do.

As for the name itself, I had more let’s say, unique names on the board but I decided on Daher Publications for simplicity.

Thanks again for reading, let me know if you guys have any questions of topics you would like me to discuss. I try to keep my posts short but informative as I try to post more frequently.

Until next time,

Y. Daher

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