Buried Kingdom…

Hey World,

This post is to those wondering about the first book of my series: Raw Kingdom: Written in the Sand. As you may know, Written in the Sand was released to all major retailers on June 13th 2020. But as of the 25th, the book has been pulled due to the following reasons:

Manuscript: Although vigorous editing and proofing had been done to assure that no error were present. After taking feedback from early reviewers and revisiting the direction of the series. It has become clear that more elements were to be added to flesh out introduced concepts and characters

Design: One of the most prominent feedback received was that of the cover design hasn’t managed to represent the story well enough. I concluded that the design indeed does not do the story justice as it looks rushed and basic

With that being said, I will be re-launching my book with a expanded manuscript and a fresh, clean design. Coupled with a brand new title: Buried in the Dust!

The new release date will be announced on my social media accounts which you can follow here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Daher-Publications-104574984596780/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daherpublications/

Raw Kingdom is a young adult coming of age series following the journey of Khadir Daher, an eighteen year old who takes his first overseas trip to the African country of Djadzele, his home country, which also happens to be the most mysterious and hostile nation on earth.

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