Prelude, definitive edition!

Hey world,

In my latest post I have announced that I pulled the first book of my Raw Kingdom series for revision purposes. If you want more details on that matter than you can check out that blog post in my home page. But as the title suggests, this is not about this first book but with the Prelude. When I was thinking about the changes of plot points in my first book, I couldn’t stop thinking about the plot points from the prelude. As I wanted to add more to the first more book in terms of backstory, character development and aesthetics, I was compelled to revisit the prelude. Although I had no plan of bringing a similar overhaul as the first book, It was apparent that more content was to be added in terms of story context. Meaning that more background will be added concerning Khadir and his life before his coming of age journey to his home country of Djadzele. With that being said, I’ve decided to launch a definitive edition of Raw Kingdom Prelude. But in the traditional manner. Since the changes are not major (2 and a half pages of extra content). I will instead simply update my manuscript. The cover and description will remain unchanged but readers will get a deeper look into the psyche of the characters and be able to comprehend their aspirations and motivations better. For those of you who already purchased a copy, no worries. You can get the definitive edition for FREE provided you subscribe to my newsletter (also free) and provide proof of purchase before June 25th.

And once you digest this revamped appetiser, you will be glad to know that the first entree of the main course is coming July 18th! Pre-orders will be accessible a week before launch. See you there!

Raw Kingdom is a young adult coming of age story detailing the journey of Khadir Daher as he tries to find himself in the world’s most mysterious and hostile nation: the African nation of Djadzele.

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