Pre-order 2.0

Hey World,

I have been teasing my upcoming revamped book, “Buried in the Dust for the past month. A couple of days ago, I have revealed the official cover of my revamped book and details on its release date. Well, now it’s here. Or in five days at the time of this writing. What I mean is that you can now pre-order my book, at your own price. What, you didn’t understand that last part. Ok then, I’ll say it again; you can pre-order at your own price. But why? Well, in short, I want to do an experiment. Usually authors base their price on what they think their work is worth. But a lot of them (guilty) are left disappointed when consumers don’t share their point of view aka their not buying their books. So I decided to try something recommended by one my favorite ebook distributors, Smashwords. So, for the duration of the pre-order (until July 29th), customers will be able to buy my book for any price they wish (even for free) while those who purchase it at launch day and later will pay 4.99 USD. That’s an extra day to purchase my book at your price. So if you want to take advantage of this exclusive offer, you can do so clicking the link below.

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