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In today’s blog I’m am going to give you guys an insight on my first self published novel series: Raw Kingdom. If you reading this, I’m assuming that you’ve already got yourself a copy and have questions that need answered. If that’s not the case then stop right here and head to Amazon to grab yourself a copy through here:

With that being said, I want to thank all of you who have purchased my book and made sure to leave positive reviews (it really helps). I’m sure all of you have some questions after finishing the first issue of the series and I will my best to answer all of them. If however I miss some be sure to ask yours through my newsletter which you can subscribe to on the home page.

Now then, let’s get some answers down. And warning: SPOILERS!

Q: Why is the book small?

A: This book is a prelude to the series. Which is more of an grand introduction to the series. It is for the reader to get accustomed to the direction this series will take. The upcoming issues will be more fleshed out and delve into the main story

Q: What were you’re inspirations for your characters?

A: I could say that Khadir is based off a younger me. One that was rather closed-minded and wasn’t wiling to explore outside my comfort zone. But through trials and pondering, has discovered new perspectives on life and started to shape his own identity. Something Khadir will have to tackle with in the series

Q: Who is the main demographic for this book?

A: Everyone is welcome to read my book and I accept all kind feedback. However, regarding the content and the message behind the series, it is a story to the African diaspora, particularly Africans who were born abroad and never really got to experience life back home.

Q: When can we expect the first issue?

Hopefully around mid 2020. I am also working on another series (Bleeding Knights) and will consider my priorities based on response.

Well that is all the questions for today. Again, if you have more please send them through email and it could be featured in the next Q&A.

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Y. Daher

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