What I wanted, what I needed…

As far as I can remember, I was only interesting in two things: reading and imagining. I would read anything I could get my hands on, and then I would imagine stories based on those readings. Even though I’ve went through many changes in my life, those two things stood the test of time. Yet I’ve never thought about putting my thoughts to paper until I’ve reached the 11th grade. By that time I’ve been indulging into graphic novels (fancy comic books) and was making plots in my head. But I was still hesitant to write something as I thought it what sounded was in my head would only sound good to me. But my urge to write compelled me so I started typing small dialogues and monologues from the many stories I could remember. By 12th grade I’ve written over a hundred of snippets focusing on Bleeding land (which later became Raw Kingdom) and Blood, Sand and Steel. I was gaining confidence that this was going to lead to something but I wasn’t sure how to come about it. That changed the day I handed my last English essay of my high school career. I ended up getting a good grade, but that wasn’t it. My teacher called me in,  I thought she wanted to talk about my work but what she told me instead was that out of all the students she teaches, my style of writing was one that she had never seen before and frankly, impressed her. Now mind you I had this teacher for three years in high school and that was the first time she praised my work that way. She told me she was impressed with since the beginning but didn’t tell me so I don’t get over my head. This exchange changed my entire perspective on my abilities. Perhaps all those years of reading and dreaming were going to get me somewhere. Perhaps I could actually write a book. No, I am going to write a book. Over a year later, I published Raw Kingdom and as the saying goes: The rest is history. So if you enjoyed Raw Kingdom, you could also thank my teacher for making it happen, I know I did.

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